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'To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act'

Maria Kr.
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The glorious life of a twenty-something homebody
About me

My name is Maria, I'm a fangirl who watches way too much TV and is a complete and utter bookworm. I'm a big lover of football and any other ball sport in the world.
The fandom side

One Tree Hill

Lucas/Haley (OTP), Nathan/Brooke, Jake/Peyton
Anti-ships: Nathan/Haley (for s1-4, s5 I'm past the point of caring and kinda liking them), Lucas/Peyton, Peyton/Lucas/Brooke
Characters: Lucas and Haley twosome (and Jamie makes three), James Lucas Scott, Jake Jagielski, Mia Catalano

Veronica Mars

Anti-ships: Veronica/Piz
Characters: Veronica Mars, Logan Echolls, Keith Mars, Mac Wallace Fennel, Sheriff Lamb


Characters: Lindsay Monroe, Danny Messer Adam

Gossip Girl

Chuck/Blair, Serena/Blair, Chuck/Nate, Chuck/Nate/Serena/Blair
Characters: Chuck Bass, Blair Waldorf, Dorota


Edward/Bella, Rosalie/Emmett, Jasper/Alice, Carlisle/Esme, Edward/Alice sibling!love, Bella/Alice friendship, Bella/Jacob friendship
Characters: Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale, Rosalie Hale, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen
Favourite POV: Edward in Midnight Sun and fics like Wide Awake

Brothers and Sisters

Kitty/Robert, Justin/Rebecca, Kevin/Scotty, Walker siblings, Walker clan, Walker clan family dinners, Saul/Nora sibling!love
Characters: Kitty Walker, McCallister, Robert McCallister, Nora Walker, Rebecca Harper, Justin Walker, Scotty Walker Sarah Walker Wedon, Kevin
Anti: Holly Harper

Cold Case



Abby/Carter,, Ray/Neela
Anti-ships: Luka/Abby
Characters: Dr. Abby Lockhart, Dr. John Carter, Dr. Ray Barnett, Nurse Haleh, Dr. Malucci, Dr. Kerry Weaver,

Grey's Anatomy

Derek/Meredith, Alex/Izzie, Meredith/Christina friendship
Anti-ships: George/Izzie
Characters: Doc the Dog, Dr.Christina Yang, Dr.Miranda Bailey, Dr.Alex Karev, Dr.Izzie Stevens-Karev
Anti-characters: Dr. Preston Burke


Sylar/Elle, Matt/Daphne, Daddy!Matt/Baby Matt Parkman
Characters: Elle Bishop, Micah Sanders aka Rebel

House MD

House/Cameron, House/Wilson friendship, House/Cuddy banter/friendship
Characters: Dr. Gregory House, Dr. Allison Cameron

Prison Break

Michael/Sara</b>, Michael/Sucre friendship
Characters: Michael Scofield, Dr. Sara Tancredi, Sucre

Robin Hood (BBC)

Characters: Robin Hood


JD/Turk friendship, JD/Dr. Cox dynamic
Characters: Dr. John 'JD' Dorian, Dr. Chris Turk, Dr. Perry Cox, Jordan Cox, Janitor

Sex and the City

Carrie/Miranda/Samantha/Charlotte friendship
Characters: Samantha Jones

So You Think You Can Dance?

People: Cat Deely

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Hannah/Ben, Hannah/Alex
Characters: Hannah, Ben, Alex

Friday Night Lights

Ships: Tyra/Landry, Coach/Tami, Lyla/Tim
Characters: Tyra Collette, Coach Eric Taylor, Tami Taylor, Grandma Saracen, Tim Riggins, Lyla Garrity


Ships: Booth/Brennan, Angela/Hodgins
Characters: Dr. Temperence Brennan, Special Agent Seely Booth, Angela Montenegro, Dr. Jack Hodgins, Dr. Zack Addy, Dr. Lance Sweets


Ships: Adriana/Navid
Characters: Adriana Tate-Duncan, Navid Shirazi


Ships: Rachel/Puck, Rachel/Jesse
Characters: Kurt, Mercedes, Sue, Puck, Rachel, April Rhodes

Sons of Anarchy

Characters: Jax Teller, Tara Knowles, Abel Teller, Gemma Teller-Morrow, Half-Sack, Opie.
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